Determination and passion can frame the best picture. I’ve always been a firm believer that people can excel at anything, if they really want it. Being born and raised in New York City has taught me that hard work eventually pays off. I grew up in a middle class home with two hard working Dominican parents who’ve taught me that nothing is free in life and you have to work hard and stay focus to accomplish great things. Living in such a vibrant home and city made me want to capture moments, moments that I knew will flash by in a blink of an eye and photography was always the best way to do so.

 It began as merely a hobby, but it wasn’t until 2010 that it became more of a life passion. That year was rough because I had been laid off unexpectedly, however instead of thinking of the negative I decided to focus all my energy on the one thing I truly enjoyed. I dedicated all my time learning the in and outs of photography and even spent most of what I had saved up on my first DSLR camera. Most of my time was spent practicing and mastering different techniques. Family and friends were kind enough to let me do test shots with them. Then in 2011 I was introduced to Alberto Flash who became my mentor and good friend. I assisted him with various music video shoots, mainly Spanish artist: Zacarias Ferreria, iSwing, Revolucion Tipica & new upcoming artist Jay Carrera. Within that same year, a family owned nightclub opened up and I was asked to take on a major role to help start up the business, which led me to put aside my camera. About a year and a half passed before I was able to pick it all up again, but the passion was always there. Looking back I don’t regret it at all because in doing that I had learned on how to run a successful business over night, and also it lead me to find the love of my life at that very Nightclub!

I got back in the grove of things and was fortunate to find a job at Fine Art Productions as an Indian Wedding Photographer, which taught me to think outside the box. That experience made me much more creative than I ever anticipated. But sometimes you have to end one chapter to begin another and now it seems like the appropriate time to branch out and make it on my own.

“Vision is the art of seeing what is invisible to others” – Jonathan Swift


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